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創始於西元1940 年,流淌近百年的歲月長河中,我們始終秉持著「專注手藝,誠以待客」的精神,藉由手作的經典料理與專業的服務,體現台菜文化的底蘊與傳遞對顧客的尊重與感謝。所有產品製作過程中,堅持手工的原則,提供消費者美味與衛生的菜餚,是一直以來對消費者不變的承諾。


Looking for True Delicacies

Founded in 1940, A SHA has been in the spirit of “focusing on craftsmanship and hospitality”. We have demonstrated the culture of Taiwanese cuisine through the classic dishes and professional services. The foundation and transmission of respect and gratitude to customers.

In the production process of all products, adhering to the principle of handwork, providing delicious and hygienic dishes to consumers is a constant commitment to consumers.

From the SHA dim sum stall selling assorted noodle soup, to Charcoal-grilled Wild Mullet Roe, Steamed Mub Crub with Glutinous Rice and Five-Willow Fish. Regardless of the form, insist on using the local ingredients, and take each hand dish with the most heart-warming attitude, taste I got the taste of Taiwan and I also got the feelings of Taiwan.



In 1940, one simple small food stand was located on Zhong-Yi Road in Tainan city. The owner of the food stand, Ms. Wu, had perfectly satisfied every consumer in her food stand at that time by providing her praiseworthy private home cuisine and her being attentive to her guests. Those various private home cuisine with fine reputation created the well-known restaurant next to the Tainan Tiangong Temple.



從天公廟旁的老店阿霞飯店,到南紡購物中心的錦霞樓已有不同面貌的阿霞讓阿霞飯店以新的形象走出古都台南, 創造新的「ASHA」經典。

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