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主廚吳豪先生所言,在台南把招牌掛起來,賣的不只是老字號,還有從上一輩留下來的經營理念; 端上桌的不只是佳餚,還有店家努力維持的傳統;每道菜不只是色香味,背後還有濃濃的人情味。這個城市的驕傲不是放在臉上,而是隱藏在食材裡,收斂在湯汁中,在爐火中悶悶地燒,藉著香味訴說著上一代的故事。 

The Third Generation

Under the current management of Wu Chien Hao and Wu Wei Hao brothers, the meaning of “Seek for True Meaning of Flavors”, which was written on a tablet by master of management, Mr. Chiu Yung Han, has been inherited from previous generations, keeping the authentic cookery of traditional Taiwanese cuisine. Taking the management concept of truthful ingredients combined with innovative service, we provide cuisines in delicate quantities which are appropriate for corporate banquets, group dining, family gatherings, and honoring special guest. A-SHA Restaurant leaves everyone with delectable memories.


Hanging the shop sign on the wall means not only selling the fame built by old generation, but also the business philosophy passed on by the old generation. What we present to our customers is not only the delicacies, but also the tradition we have maintained with all our strength. Each dish is not only colorful, aromatic, and tasty, but also with rich warmth of human. The pride of this city is not on people’s face, but inside the cuisine; the pride is condensed in the soup, and in the stove fire. It subtly tells the story of old generation by the flavor of each dish. 














獲得 法國藍帶騎士勳章 

Earned the honor from La Commanderie des Cordons bleus de France


中華之聲 第三屆海峽兩岸美食文化交流研討會海峽兩岸十大名廚

Attended the 3rd Forum of Cuisine and Delicacies as one of the top 10 Chefs in Taiwan and China, by the radio program “Voice of China” in China


中華航空 華膳空廚 台灣好味到華航 四大名廚囍薪傳 南區代表

Four famous cooks represented three companies -- China Airlines, China Pacific Catering Services, and Taiwan How Fresh



Earned the honor from La Commanderie des Cordons bleus de France


榮獲68屆金商獎 一甲子老店代表 代表老店上台致詞

Earned the honor of the 68th Remarkable Business and Businessman Prize for 60-year-old traditional top restaurant. Delivered a speech as the representative of traditional old restaurants.


中國生產力中心CPC MASTER向大師學習 演講

Delivered a speech at “China Productivity Center” with subject CPC Master



Was invited by the “Overseas Community Affairs Council of Taiwan” to be the visiting professor for the seminar of restaurant management



Teach Taiwanese cuisine at the training class of “Overseas Community Affairs Council of Taiwan”


美食展玉石台灣 駐館名廚

Was invited to be the Chef for the Taiwan Culinary Exhibition 2015


台灣美食輸出 日本神戶藍帶廚藝學院台灣菜示範

Exporting Taiwanese cuisine and delicacies by cooking demonstration to representatives of Le Cordon Bleu Kobe, Japan

經濟部60大經典台菜餐廳  12大代表餐廳名廚

The 12 most iconic celebrity chefs

台南美食節 顧問

Consultant of Tainan Food Festival

美台南美食節 顧問食節 顧問美食節 顧問美食節 顧問

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